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  • Paris Jook

    In october 1995 Fabrice Eulry was asked with Gerard Marmet (drumd) and Al sanders (bass) at LATITUDES JAZZ CLUB to play with a saxphonist we had never met before : Detroit Gary Wiggins who was on tour in france. He has a so strong gospel and funky sound, and the first night was so exciting, that we decided to record the third one.

  • Concerto pour piano

    First piano concerto composed by Fabrice Eulry, recorded with 27 musicians included "Prelude de Paris" strings

  • Blue Sando

    Enzo Mucci musical instinct and taste are sure. He is able to restitue gypsy soul on guitar or Willie Dixon blues spririt on bass without being scolastic and he plays over formal aspects. He wanted to record this disc with Fabrice Eulry "just for pleasure" as he said

  • Le pianiste en solo

    Including his first boogie-woogie expiatoire version and his most fluid dark eyes one, with reflects of his early ninetees inspiration, this record is the most succesfull.

  • Piano Solo

    The first Fabrice Eulry piano solo recording including a dark eyes version and ragtime and boogie-woogie compositions

  • Piano Killers

    Three pianists : Ricky Nye (U.S.A.) Renaud Patigny (Belgium) Fabrice Eulry (France) 2, 4, 6 hands and one grand piano only for improvised blues and boogie-woogie

  • Boogie Folies

    In late 1995, Pierre Nicolaeiff, pianist & producer asked fabrice eulry for a Boogie-Woogie record with classical boogie like Honky-Tonk train blues or pinetop boogie-woogie and style exercices on boogie like playing international standards in a boogie way ( part time lover hello dolly my way)

  • Boogie Folies Volume 2

    Almost ten years after the first volume, the second "Boogie folies" piano solo contains news fantasy around boogi-woogie with a repertoire from muddy waters to Beatles or Rimsky-Korsakov.

  • Boogie-Woogie Orchestral

    Since 1997, Fabrice Eulry orchestra which was a trio? becametrio became a septet. yhe repertoire had changed : in 1998 it was time to record ! this boogie-woogie session is only live and only one take. dirty but goodie !

  • Boogie Passavant
  • Promenade dans Paris
  • Ragtime
  • Jacques Doudelle
  • Twistin' at Ray's
  • La galante des rois
  • On Tour 2004 - 2008